With climate change and the safety of our environment an ever-growing issue, many of us are consciously on the lookout for ways we can minimise our own impact. Specialising in French, British and Italian cuisine, Albion’s is a London based restaurant that puts the people first. Doing their bit, Albion’s source local produce for their recipes which enhances the nutritional value and reduces air pollution. Today, they are sharing five of the most eco-friendly foods. 1) Garden Peas – peas are considered a ‘self-fertiliser’ meaning they aren’t reliant on synthetic fertilisers – which are toxic and pollutive – for them to grow. By harvesting peas, they can also emit enough nitrogen and enrich the soil for the other vegetables to grow, too. 2) Onions – as we’re all aware, onions have a very distinct odour! This odour is a result of many chemicals present in the onion – one being Sulfur. Bugs tend to steer clear from Sulfur, meaning onions are one of the most pesticide free foods on the market today. 3) Broccoli – broccolis are said to have 100% natural pesticides built into them, which means there’s no need to add additional chemicals. Broccolis are also known to be a good preventor of cancerous cells. 4) Beans – as well as being a very good source of protein (which is essential to a sustainable life), beans also have a very long shelf-life which minimises food waste. 5) Potatoes – growing potatoes only requires very minimal water and fertiliser. Not only that, potatoes have a natural barrier that fights off bugs and disease. With little effort to grow and little chemicals added, potatoes are a winner in the eco world.

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