Cooking can be an acquired skill and many of us shy away from preparing meals for others. A lot of time, dedication and focus goes into perfecting one’s cooking ability but, like with anything, there are always simple ways you can improve. Albion’s Restaurant in London is headed by a chef and owner who puts the people first; offering French, British and Italian cuisine at an affordable and tasty standard. Today, Albion’s are sharing some of their easiest cooking secrets that will get you up to speed in the kitchen.

  1. Prep in Advance – with cooking, timing is everything. By preparing all ingredients before the cooking commences it can make a whole world of difference to your dish. With everything chopped and ready to go, you can throw them into the pot/oven right on schedule and, in turn, achieve the best set of results.
  2. Add Salt – adding salt to the finished result is something we all know to do, but it can be effective throughout the entire cooking process. All chefs recommend seasoning as you go, stressing that the earlier you season, the more concentrated the flavours will be in the end product.
  3. Cook with High Heat – turning up the heat can, naturally, make your food cook faster but can also benefit the taste of your food, too. For example, cooking vegetables on low heat can turn them into mush and could take away some of the nutritional value therefore its best to cook at higher temperatures.
  4. Add Acid – ever finished cooking and wondered “what’s missing?” – well it could be acid! By adding acid to your food, it penetrates and enhances the flavour. It’s also effective in helping the body retain water! So perhaps a squirt of lemon or drizzle of vinegar could be all you need to create the perfect dish!
  5. Don’t Cram Your Pan – by throwing everything in the pan altogether, it lowers the temperature and can lead to steaming. To enhance the flavours of each ingredient, keep smaller portions in the pan!

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