We use only the finest ingredients in the preparation of our delicious French and Italian menu, located on the Kentish Town Road


Unique places have special names, and special names always have a story behind.

Twenty years ago, my country, Kosovo, was in a state of war. We were being marched to the borders at gunpoint and put on trains to refugee camps. At that difficult time, I was settled in London. When I first came here, I was not sure what to expect. However, I knew one thing for sure. Due to the generosity of the UK as a place and its people, I was given the chance to taste freedom. That is how I decided about the mission of my life: to work for a better future. And that is what I did. I worked hard, and Britain was good to me. I gained my ever first experience on high street brands where I have worked for 18 years as an operational and commercial chef.

Now, here I am with my first restaurant. Albion’s is called after the archaic name of Great Britain as well as the name of my son. The idea to use this name came as a sign of gratitude towards Great Britain for opening the doors to me and many others like me; a place which gave me the confidence to survive one life and build another. Due to this, now I am the person who is determined to make others happy, and I can do this through my work. The mission of my French & Italian restaurant in Kentish Town London, is to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience with impeccable service and a real taste of British food influenced by French and Italian cuisine using all fresh local ingredients.

Albion’s Restaurant