When cooking, there’s lots of things to consider. As though cooking efficiently and healthily isn’t already enough, we now have the burden of our environment to consider when we’re in the kitchen. Luckily, there’s steps we can take to be kinder to our environment whilst we feed ourselves.

Albion’s are artisans when it comes to food, bringing the finest French, Italian and British cuisine to the streets of London. Today, they’re sharing 5 ways to go green in your kitchen.

  1. Compost Bins – by popping your food scraps into a compost bin and later disposing into soil, the compost acts as a natural fertiliser to the soil meaning plants and crops can grow without the need for chemical fertilisers.
  2. Minimise Recycling – by conscious thinking when grabbing your groceries, you can minimise the amount of recycling your household has. Cutting back on products with unnecessary plastic packaging and single use products are the best ways to keep our environment protected.
  3. Repurpose Food – find another purpose for leftovers by boxing them up for meals for the next day or for another recipe. By cutting back on the amount of wastage, there’s less going in landfill.
  4. Conserve Water – this one is very important! We only have access to a very limited source of fresh, clean water and it is both costly and difficult to source more once that supply is up. Don’t let the tap run and be strict with your water usage throughout your cooking.
  5. Natural Cleaning Products – whether it’s for cleaning or personal use, you should swap out chemical products for natural replacements. By being conscious of what you’re unleashing into the environment, you can help keep plants safe and water clean – both of which help the overall wellbeing of our environment.

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